L’ORÉAL<sup>®</sup> PARIS PRESENTS THE 6TH ANNUAL Because your dog is worth it too day

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1. What is the difference between the $10 regular registration and the $25 special patron registration?

Answer: We often get limited donations from Pet Industry Manufacturers, some of our special friends, and other supporters of the day. We use those donations as well as some higher value L’Oreal product in the Patron “doggie bags”. The registration proceeds are tax deductible and 100% of the donation goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

2. Can I pre-register on-line and do I really need to pre-register?

Answer: We do not have on-line registration at this time and hope to have it for our next event. Although pre-registration is not required, a quality “doggie bag” is guaranteed for all pre-registered attendees. There will be only limited “doggie bags” available for walk-up registrations and the contents of those “doggie bags”(if available) will be reduced.

3. Why don’t you hold this event at another location, like a big park or fairgrounds?

Answer: We hold the event on-site at the L’Oreal facility for a variety of reasons: Insurance, town permits, and most importantly that the event takes us over one month to set-up, all by volunteers. We couldn’t possibly hold this event at another locale.

4. Why do run this event in August?

Answer: We hold this event on the 3rd Saturday in August for a couple of reasons. Most important is that the event is run by the employee’s and friends of the L’Oreal facility in Cranbury in our spare time. The demands and business volumes associated with our normal work careers, only provide us with a few periods on the calendar that are available for us to hold “Because Your Dog is Worth it Too” Day. Those months are February/April/August/ and November. We choose August and use whatever resources in our control to provide a “dog friendly” venue.

In addition: we hold this event to honor two of our fellow co-workers that we lost to breast cancer. Our primary goal to help eradicate that disease in our lifetime! One of those employee’s was a passionate volunteer in saving animals lives. We hold this event on the 3rd Saturday in August as it is also “National Homeless Animals Day”. In honor of this day, we also provide a venue for the over 60 rescues and non-profits that attend gratis on our grounds. Please support their mission as well!

5. Do I need to pre-register my dog for any of the events?

Answer: The only event that requires pre-registration is the “Ultimate Dock Diving” Competition that is professionally run by one of our guests. All other events can be registered for on-site, prior to the start of the event. Check the event brochure for additional details.

6. Can I volunteer to help out on this special day?

Answer: We could not hold this event without the help of many special friends that we have met through the years. You may sign up as a volunteer, thru this web-site.

7. How do I become a vendor at “Your Dog is Worth it Too” Day?

Answer: As a result of the space constraints and our commitment to provide 50% of the space to rescues and non-profits; there are limited spots open for expansion. Contact us via e-mail at our web-site(after April 1) and we will conduct a “lottery” based on availability. Any Pet Industry Manufacturer/Supplier may contact us at any time.

8. What % of my donation goes to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

Answer: 100% of your registration goes directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In addition 100% of the food and drink sales, T-shirt sales, raffle baskets, and assorted other L’Oreal merchandise tents also goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. By the time the 2010 event is held, over $500,000 has been donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation as a result of this event. We thank you for sharing this special day with us.

9. Will there be a fall event on the Farm, like you held in 2009?

Answer: The Dogtoberfest I ,at Etsch Farms in Monroe, NJ, was a very special added fundraiser that we put together in just a couple of weeks. Although much smaller and intimate than the August event, we will explore the possibility of doing it again in 2010. Check the web-site and our Facebook page for any additional details.

10. What are the rules specific to bringing my dog to the event?

Answer: All persons that attend the ‘Because Your Dog is Worth it Too” event do so at their own risk and agree to abide by the safety rules of the event. By bringing you dog onto the site, pet owners certify that their pet(s) have current vaccinations for distemper and rabies. Pet owners agree and understand that they are liable for any injury or damage to persons or property, that may have been caused by their pet.

11. How do I get the most current information about the “Because Your Dog is Worth it Too” Event?

Answer: We will update the web-site a few times prior to the day, but we will add any updates and news to our Facebook page, as soon as it happens. Please join and be one of the event’s many friends.

12. What do I do if I have a specific question about the event?

Answer: Contact us via e-mail from this web-site and we will respond to your question.

All proceeds from this event benefit the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure of CENTRAL AND SOUTH JERSEY

Imagine a day where over 5,000 people and their best four-legged friends come together to play games, swim, eat and just enjoy each other’s company and raise thousands of dollars for breast cancer research.

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